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ordĭnārĭus , a, um, adj. ordo,
I.of or belonging to order, orderly; according to the usual order, usual, customary, regular, ordinary (not in Cic. or Cæs.).
I. Of persons.
A. In gen.: ordinarii consules, regular, elected in the usual manner at the beginning of the year (opp. suffecti), Liv. 41, 18: “pugiles (with legitimi),Suet. Aug. 45; cf. “consulatus,id. Galb. 6: “gladiatores,Sen. Ep. 7, 3: “ordinarium hominem Oppius ait dici solitum scurram et improbum ... At Aelius Stilo, qui minime ordine viveret ... Sunt quidam etiam, qui manipularem, quia infimi sit ordinis, appellatum credant ordinarium,Fest. p. 182 Müll.—
B. In partic., subst.: ordĭnārĭus , i, m.
1. An overseer who keeps order, Dig. 14, 4, 5. —
2. In milit. lang., a centurion of the first cohort, Inscr. Grut. 542, 8; Veg. Mil. 2, 15; cf. Mommsen, Tribus, p. 123; Anmerk. 112. —
II. Of inanim. and abstr. things: oleum, oil obtained in the usual manner from sound, ripe olives (opp. to oleum cibarium, made of bad olives picked up from the ground), Col. 12, 50, 22: “vites,standing in regular order, id. 3, 16, 1: “silices,stones so laid that those of each row cover the joints of the row beneath it, Vitr. 2, 8: “consulatus,regular, Suet. Galb. 6: “consilia,usual, ordinary, Liv. 27, 43: oratio, regular, connected (opp. to breviarium or summarium), Sen. Ep. 39, 1: “philosophia non est res succisiva: ordinaria est, domina est,it must be constantly practised, must govern all the relations of life, id. ib. 53, 9: “fuit ordinarium, loqui, etc.,it was usual, customary, Dig. 38, 6, 1: “jus (opp. to extraordinarium),ib. 14, 4, 5.— Hence, adv.: ordĭnārĭē , in order, orderly, methodically (eccl. Lat. for ordine, ordinatim), Tert. Res. Carn. 2.
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