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accēdō or ad-cēdō cessī

perf sync.accēstis, V.), cessūrus, ere, to go to, come to, come near, draw near, approach, enter: ad flammam inprudentius, T.: ad oppidum, Cs.: ad hastam, to attend an auction, N.: ad numerum harum, joins, O.: in oppidum: illo: quo, S.: quocumque, S.: iuxta, O.: proxime deos accessit Clodius: propius tribunal, Cu.: urbem, V.: Scyllaeam rabiem scopulosque, V.; (poet.): delubris, O.: regno, shares, O.: sacris, takes part in, O.: accede, come here, O.: deici nullo modo potuisse qui non accesserit; (impers.): quod eā proxime accedi poterat.—Esp., to approach in a hostile manner, attack: acie instructā usque ad castra hostium accessit, Cs.: ad urbem, S.: ad manum, to come to close quarters, N. — Fig., to come near, approach: haud invito ad aurīs sermo mi accessit tuos, T.: ubi accedent anni et, etc., when the years shall come, in which, etc., H. — Esp., to come, happen, befall: voluntas vostra si ad poëtam accesserit, T.: dolor accessit bonis viris.— With the idea of increase, to be added: ut ad causam novum crimen accederet: ad eas navīs accesserant sex, Cs.: Medis adcessere Libues, S.: tantum fiduciae Pompeianis accessit, their confidence rose so high, Cs.: huc accedebant conlecti ex praedonibus, these were joined by, Cs.; (poet.): in tua damna, O.—Esp. with a clause or neuter pron., representing a clause, as subject: ad haec mala hoc mihi accedit etiam: haec, etc., T.: accedet etiam nobis illud, iudex est, etc<*> accessit etiam, quod illa pars equitatūs se cum iis coniunxerat. Cs.: e<*> accedebat, quod iudices dati non erant: huc adcedebat, quod exercitum habuerat, etc., S.: huc accedit, quod occultior vestra cupiditas esset; with ut: accedit, ut eo facilius animus evadat: ad Appii senectutem accedebat, ut caecus esset: accedebat, ut tempestatem ferrent facilius, Cs.: ad hoc detrimentum accessit, ut prohiberentur, etc., Cs. —To assent, accede, agree, approve, accept: ad eius condiciones: ad hoc consilium, N.: suadentibus, Ta.—(In appearance or character), to come near, approach, resemble, be like: homines ad Deos nullā re propius accedunt quam salutem hominibus dando: proxime ad nostram disciplinam illam: Antonio Philippus proxime accedebat.—To enter upon, undertake: ad bellorum pericula: ad amicitiam Caesaris, Cs.: ad vectigalia, to undertake the collection of: ad causam, the direction of a lawsuit: ad invidiam levandam: has naturae partīs, take up, describe, V.: ad rem p., to enter on the service of the state: huic ego causae actor accessi, entered upon as prosecutor.

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