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contingō tigī, tāctus, ere

com-+tango, to touch, reach, take hold of, seize: divae vittas, V.: taurum, O.: dextras consulum (in greeting), L.: cibum rostris: funem manu, V.: terram osculo, L.: me igni, scorch, V.: (nummos) velut sacrum, to meddle with, H.: ut neque inter se contingant trabes, Cs.: ut contingant (milites) inter se, stand close together, Cs.: granum, i. e. taste, H.: aquas, O.To touch, adjoin, border on, reach, extend to: ripas, Cs.: turri contingente vallum, Cs.: agrum, L.: ripae fluminis, Cs.To reach, attain, come to, arrive at, meet with, strike: metam cursu, H.: Ephyren pennis, O.: Italiam, V.: auras, to come into the air, O.: avem ferro, to hit, V.: aurīs fando, with acc. and inf., O. — Fig., to touch, seize upon, affect: quos publica contingebat cura, L.: contacti artūs, seized (by disease), V.: quam me libido Contigit! I felt, O.To be connected with, be related to, touch, concern: tam foede interemptos amicitiā, L.: sanguine caelum, Iu.: deos propius, have more ready access to, H.: haec consultatio Romanos nihil contingit, concerns not, L.To pollute, stain, defile, infest, taint, corrupt (mostly P. perf.): (Gallos) contactos eo scelere, L.: contacta civitas rabie iuvenum, L.: (equi) nullo mortali opere contacti, Ta.: labellis Pocula, Iu.To attain, reach, arrive at: naturam sui similem.—To happen, befall, fall out, come, take place, turn out, come to pass, occur: tot propter me gaudia illi contigisse laetor, T.: si hoc contigit nemini: quam rem paucis contigisse docebat, Cs.: quod ei merito contigit: cui Omnia contigerant, O.: Quod satis est cui contigit, H.: speciosae (opes) contigerant, he had a respectable fortune, Ta.: ubi quid melius contingit, H.: celeriter antecellere omnibus contigit: Non cuivis homini contingit adire Corinthum, has the luck, H.: Iovis esse nepoti Contigit haud uni, O.: utinam Caesari contigisset, ut esset, etc.

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