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dēficiō fēcī, fectus, ere (fut perf. defexit, old form. in L.—Pass., usu. deficior; dēfit, T., Enn. ap. C., V.; dēfierī, T.; dēfīet, L.)

de + facio.— Intrans, to withdraw, revolt, desert, fall off : civitates quae defecerant, Cs.: milites ne deficerent, S.: ab Aeduis, Cs.: a re p.: a patribus ad plebem, to go over , L.: ad Poenos, desert , L. — Of things, to be wanting, be absent, fail, cease, disappear, be lost, run out : non frumentum deficere poterat, Cs.: ex arboribus frons, Cs.: ne (mihi) vox viresque deficerent: non deficiente crumenā, H.: ne Deficeret navis, be overwhelmed , V.: quod plena luna defecisset, was eclipsed : ignem Deficere videbat, dying out , V.: quā deficit ignis, ceases to destroy , V.: Deficit ars, is exhausted , O.: nil apud me tibi defieri patiar, T.: Lac mihi non aestate novum defit, V.: nunquamne causa defiet, cur, etc.? L. — Of persons, to fail, sink, faint, be insufficient, be missing : quod multi Gallicis tot bellis defecerant, had been lost , Cs.: siquid deficias, i. e. need aid , T.: deficientibus animis, L.: O dubiis ne defice rebus, fail (me) in perplexity , V.To fail, be bankrupt : Matho deficit, Iu.: te memorare, cease , Tb.—Fig., to withdraw, depart, forsake, be parted, abandon, desert : a virtute: si utilitas ab amicitiā defecerit.— To fail, be wanting, fall short : animo, be disheartened , Cs.: ne unā plagā acceptā patres deficerent: in limine primo, V.: illis legibus populus R. prior non deficiet, si prior defexit, etc., prove false, violate , L. (old form.): neque comminus pugnando deficiebant, Cs.Trans, to leave, desert, fail, abandon (of things): cum vires nostros deficerent, Cs.: me Leontina civitas: me vox, latera deficiant, si, etc.: cum deficit orbom (Sol), is eclipsed , O.: sol defectus lumine, Tb.: si quem proles defecerit omnis, i. e. perish , V.: cum aquilifer a viribus deficeretur, Cs.: mulier ratione deficitur: animo defici, Cu.: defecta vigore cervix, O.: nec me deficiet rogitare, etc., nor will I fail , Pr.

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