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de-mittō mīsī, missus, ere,

to send down, let down, drop, lower, put down, let fall, sink: lacrimas, shed, V.: ubera, let down, V.: ancilia caelo demissa, L.: latum clavum pectore, H.: Maiā genitum demittit ab alto, V.: ab aethere currum, O.: aurīs, H.: crinem, O.: tunicam, H.: se ad aurem alicuius, bend: se ob assem, stoop, H.: vallis, quā se demittere rivi Adsuerant, O.: (matres) de muris per manūs demissae, letting themselves down, Cs.: de caelo demissus, i. e. of heavenly origin, L.: tum demissi populo fasces, lowered. — To cast down, cast, throw, thrust, plunge, drive: Demissa tempestas ab Euro, H.: per pectora tela, O.: equum in flumen: in eum locum demissus, S.: Manīs deam ad imos, V.: hostem in ovilia, H.: ferrum in ilia, O.: sublicas in terram, Cs.: huc stipites, Cs.: nummum in loculos, to put, H.: fessas navīs, i. e. from the high seas, V.: navem secundo amni Scodram, L.: puteum alte in solido, sink, V.: corpora Stygiae nocti, O.: aliquem Orco, V.: ferrum lacubus, O.—Of troops, to send down, lead down: in loca plana agmen, L.: in inferiorem campum equites, L.—With se, to descend, march down: cum se pars agminis in convallem demisisset, Cs.: in aequum locum sese, Cs.—Fig., to cast down, depress, let sink, let fall: quā se (incipit) molli iugum demittere clivo, V.: demissis in terram oculis, L.: voltum metu, O.: animos: mentes, V.: ne se admodum animo demitterent, Cs.: hoc in pectus tuum demitte, impress, S.: voces in pectora, L.: dicta in aurīs, V.: Segnius inritant animos demissa per aurem (i. e. in animum), received, H.: me penitus in causam, to engage in: me in res turbulentissimas, to meddle with: eo rem demittit, si, etc., concedes so much.— P. pass., derived, sprung, descended (poet.): ab alto Demissum genus Aeneā, H.: ab Iove gens, V.: Iulius, a magno demissum nomen Iulo, V.

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