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īvī or iī (3d pers. rarely īt, V.; inf. īvisse or. īsse), itūrus (P. praes. iēns, euntis; ger. eundum), īre

1 I-, to go, walk, ride, sail, fly, move, pass : In in malam rem, T.: subsidio suis ierunt, Cs.: quocumque ibat: in conclave: eo dormitum, H.: animae ad lumen iturae, V.: It visere ad eam, T.: quo pedibus ierat, on foot , L.: equis, to ride , L.: quos euntīs mirata iuventus, as they ride , V.: Euphrates ibat iam mollior undis, flowed , V.: ite viam: ibis Cecropios portūs, O.: hinc ibimus Afros, V.: Exsequias, T.: pompam funeris, O.To go, march, move, advance (against a foe): infestis signis ad se, Cs.: equites late, pedites quam artissume ire, S.: ad hostem, L.: adversus quem ibatur, L.: in Capitolium, attack , L.To pass, turn, be transformed : Sanguis it in sucos, O.— Fig., to go, pass, proceed, move, advance, enter, betake oneself : in dubiam imperii servitiique aleam, L.: in lacrimas, V.: per oppida Rumor it, spreads , O.: it clamor caelo, rises , V.—In the phrase, ire in sententiam, to accede to, adopt, vote for, follow : in eam (sententiam) se ituram: in sententiam eius pedibus, L.: in quam sententiam cum pedibus iretur, L.: ibatur in eam sententiam, the decision was .—With supin. acc., to go about, set out, prepare : gentem universam perditum, L.: servitum Grais matribus, V.: bonorum praemia ereptum eunt, S.Imper., in mockery or indignation, go then, go now, go on : I nunc et nomen habe, etc., O.: ite, consules, redimite civitatem, L.—Of time, to pass by, pass away : quotquot eunt dies, H.: Singula anni praedantur euntes, as they fly , H.— Of events, to go, proceed, turn out, happen : incipit res melius ire quam putaram: prorsus ibat res: Si non tanta quies iret, continued , V.—Of persons, to fare, prosper, be fated : sic eat quaecunque Romana lugebit hostem, L.

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