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extrēmus adj. sup.

exter, outermost, utmost, extreme, farthest, last : oppidum Allobrogum, Cs.: finis provinciae, L.: Indi, H.: in codicis extremā cerā: extremā lineā amare, i. e. to make love at a distance , T.: vinitor, i. e. at the end of his task , V.: cultores, in remotest lands , V.The last part, end tip, extremity, boundary, surface (with a subst., denoting the whole): quibus (litteris) in extremis, at its end : in extremo libro tertio, at the end of : in extremo ponte, Cs.: cauda, tip , V.: extremis digitis aliquid attingere.—As subst n. : quod finitum est, habet extremum, an end : teretes, praeterquam ad extremum, at the end , L.: mundi: provinciae, Cs.: extrema agminis, L.—Of time or order, latest, last : mensis anni Februarius: finis vitae, L.: manus extrema non accessit operibus, finishing touches : extremum illud est, ut, etc., it remains only : ad extremam aetatem, old age , N.: extremo tempore, at last , N.: pueritia: extremo Peloponnesio bello, N.: Extremus galeāque imā subsedit Acestes, i. e. the lot of , V. — As subst m. : Extremi primorum, extremis usque priores, H.: Occupet extremum scabies, devil take the hindmost , H.—As subst n. : die extremum erat, S.: extremo anni, L.: in extremum (durare), O.: ad extremum incipit philosophari, at last : testis ad extremum reservatus, to the last : Extrema gemens, for the last time , V.— Fig., utmost, highest, greatest, extreme : fames, Cs.: ad extrema iura decurrere: extremae dementiae est (with infin.), the height of madness , S.: in extremis suis rebus, utmost danger , Cs. — As subst n. : audendi extrema cupido, V.: ad extrema ventum foret, ni, etc., L.: res p. in extremo sita, S.: non ad extremum perditus, utterly , L.Last, least, lowest, meanest : Haud Ligurum, V.: ignis, flickering , V.: extremi ingeni est, qui, etc., L.

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