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in-dūcō dūxī

(indūxtī for indūxīstī, T.), ductus, ere, to lead in, bring in, introduce, conduct, lead up, bring forward: metuens induceris (i. e. in domum), H.: legionis principes (sc. in urbem), L.: turmas inducit Asilas, heads, V.: hostīs in curiam: cohortem in medios hostīs, S.: principes in cornua, lead against, L.: mensorem arvis (i. e. in arva), V. —To bring forward, exhibit, represent: a me gladiatorum par inducitur: fabula quem miserum vixisse Inducit, H.—To put on, clothe: tunicam in lacertos: manibus caestūs, V.: tunicāque inducitur artūs, V.—To draw over, spread over, overlay, overspread: super lateres coria, Cs.: ubi suos Aurora induxerat ortūs, V.: pontem, Cu.: pulvis velut nube inductā, etc., L.: Inducto pallore, i. e. turning pale, O.: varias plumas, H.: terris Umbras, H.: humanam membris formam, O.: scuta pellibus, cover, Cs.: fontīs umbrā, V.: fontibus umbras, V.: (victima) inducta cornibus aurum, O. —Of words in a wax tablet, to smooth over, strike out, erase: nomina: senatūs consultum, repeal: ut induceretur locatio, be cancelled.—Fig., to bring in, introduce: thiasos Bacchi, V.: morem iudiciorum in rem p.: pecuniam in rationem, set down in the account: ager ingenti pecuniā vobis inducetur, will be charged.—In speaking, to introduce, represent, describe: Gyges inducitur a Platone: Tiresiam: consuetudinem.—To move, excite, persuade, induce, mislead, seduce: emptorem, H.: animum in spem: animum ad meretricem, T.: pretio inductus, V.: promissis aliquem: Carthaginiensīs ad bellum, N.: quem, ut mentiatur, inducere possum.—In the phrase, in animum inducere, to persuade oneself, resolve, determine, conclude: nemo alteri concedere in animum inducebat, L.: postremo Caesar in animum induxerat, laborare, had determined, S.: consules ut pronuntiarent, in animum inducere, L.—In the phrase, animum inducere, to bring one's mind, resolve, conclude, suppose, imagine: id quod animum induxerat paulisper non tenuit: animum inducere, contra ea dicere: cantare, H.: qui huic adsentari animum induxeris, T.: inducere animum, ut oblivisceretur, etc.—To entrap, ensnare, deluds: socios.

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