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inter praep. with acc.

ANA-, between, betwixt: (mons) inter Sequanos et Helvetios, Cs.: inter me et Brundisium esse.—With more than two objects, among, amid, in the midst of, surrounded by: inter hostium tela versari: inter multos saucios relictus, L.: inter ingentīs solitudines, S.: inter varias columnas, H.—With an extended object, in the midst of, surrounded by: erat inter ceteram planitiem mons, S.: inter purpuram atque aurum, L.Among, into the midst of: inter densas fagos veniebat, V.: te venisse inter falcarios, into the street of the scythe-makers.—Of time, in relation to two dates, between: dies XLV inter binos ludos: inter Laviniam et Albam deductam coloniam XXX interfuere anni, L.—With a period, during, in the course of, within, for, by, at: inter haec negotia, S.: inter annos XIIII tectum non subissent, Cs.: omnia inter decem annos facta: inter noctem lux orta, L.—In phrases, inter haec, meanwhile, during this time, L.: Inter cuncta, at all times, H.: inter quae, Cu.In the course of, while, during: inter vias cogitare, on the way, T.: inter fulmina et tonitrua: inter agendum, V.: media inter carmina, during the play, H.During, in spite of, notwithstanding: inter eas moras, S.: nobis inter has turbas senatus tamen frequens flagitavit triumphum.—Fig., in discrimination, between, among: inter bonos et malos discrimen, S.: iudicium inter deas tres: inter Marcellos et Claudios patricios iudicare: inter has sententias diiudicare: inter fugae pugnaeque consilium, L.: quid intersit inter popularem civem et inter constantem.—Of reciprocal relations, between, among: regnum inter Iugurtham et Adherbalem dividere, S.: quos inter magna fuit contentio, N.: componere lites Inter Peliden et inter Atriden, H.: certamen iniectum inter primores civitates, L.—In phrases with pronouns: novisse nos inter nos, one another, T.: res inter eos agi coeptae, mutually, Cs.: conloqui inter nos, with one another: inter se fidi, S.: pueri amant inter se, one another: furtim inter se aspicere: complecti inter se, L.: haec inter se cum repugnent, are inconsistent: disconvenit inter Meque et te, H.: complexiones atomorum inter se, mutual: collīs duos inter se propinquos occupat, near one another, S.—Of a class or number, among, in, with: summā gratiā inter suos, Cs.: inter hostīs variae fuere sententiae, L.: homines inter suos nobiles: inter amabilīs ponere me choros, H.—After a sup: honestissimus inter suos numerabatur: plurimum inter eos valere, Cs.: maximum imperium inter finitimos, L.—Praegn. with pronouns: consulatum nobilitas inter se per manūs tradebat, within their own order, S.: quod inter nos liceat dicere, i. e. confidentially.—In phrases, inter manūs, see manus: quaestio Flamini inter sicarios, on a charge of assassination: cum praetor questionem inter sicarios exercuisset, sat to try assassins: eos inter sicarios defendere: inter exempla esse, to serve as an example, Ta.: inter paucas memorata clades, i. e. eminently, extremely, L: secuti inter cetera auctoritatem Pausistrati, eminently, especially, L.: inter cetera etiam vigiliis confecti, i. e. more than by all else, L. In composition inter is unchanged, except that r is assimilated in intellego, and its derivatives.— Between: intercedo, interpono.—At intervals, from time to time: interaestuo, intermitto, interviso.— Under, down, to the bottom: intereo, interficio.

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