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moror ātus, ārī, dep.

mora, to delay, tarry, stay, wait, remain, linger, loiter : Eamus . . . Ubi vis; non moror, i. e. I have no objection , T.: Brundisi: amplius morando, S.: apud oppidum, Cs.: in quā (commemoratione) diutius non morabor: faciem capere morando, i. e. by slow degrees , O.: quid moror? H.: quid multis moror? why make a long story? T.: ne multis morer, to be brief : haud multa moratus, i. e. without long delay , V.: paulum lacrimis et mente morata, in tearful thought , V.: rosa quo locorum Sera moretur, may linger , H.: nec morati sunt quin decurrerent ad castra, L.: nihil ego moror quo minus decemviratu abeam, i. e. I will immediately , L.: cui bellum moremur inferre: in conubio natae, brood , V.To delay, retard, impede, detain, cause to wait, hinder : impetum hostium, Cs.: eum: ab itinere hostem, L.: absiste morari, detain (me) not , V.: convivas, keep waiting , T.To fix the attention of, delight, delay, amuse, entertain : Fabula populum moratur, H.: oculos aurīsque Caesaris, arrest , H.P. pass. : novitate morandus spectator, H.To hinder, prevent, impede : non moror quo minus in civitatem redeant, L.: moratus sit nemo, quo minus abeant, L.—In the phrase, nihil morari, with acc. of person, not to detain, let go, dismiss, release : C. Sempronium nihil moror, i. e. withdraw my accusation against , L.: negavit, se Gracchum morari, said he had nothing against , L.—In the phrase, nihil morari, with acc. of thing , or an obj clause, to let go, not value, disregard, care nothing for, have nothing to say against : profecto non plus biduom autPh . Aut? nil moror, I don't care for that , T.: nam vina nihil moror illius orae, H.: nihil moror, eos salvos esse: invisum quem tibi esse Nil moror, I care not , V.: ut multum (sc. scripserit), nil moror, attach no value to quantity , H.

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