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pendeō pependī, —, ēre

PAND-, to hang, hang down, be suspended : sagittae pendebant ab umero: pendebant molles super ora capilli, O.: telum summo clipei umbone pependit, V.: chlamydemque, ut pendeat apte, Conlocat, hang becomingly , O.: ego plectar pendens, shall be strung up and flogged , T.: pendebit fistula pinu, V.: E trabe pependit onus, O.: inter merces, be exposed for sale , Ph.: Omnia sunt hominum tenui pendentia filo, i. e. are held by a frail tenure , O.To hang in the air, be suspended, float, hover, overhang : Nunc scopulus raucis pendet adesus aquis, O.: Hi summo in fluctu pendent, V.: Dumosā pendere procul de rupe videbo (capros), V.: olor niveis pendebat in aëre pennis, O.: litus, quod pendeat, overhangs , O.To hang about, loiter, tarry, linger : nostro in limine, V.To hang down, be flabby, be flaccid, be weak, have no strength : fluidos pendere lacertos, O.: Pendentes genas aspice, Iu.—Fig., to hang, rest, depend, be dependent : quoniam opes eius ex patre suo penderent, S.: ex alterius voltu ac nutu, L.: spes pendet ex fortunā: ex quo verbo tota causa pendebat: vectigalia perlevi saepe momento fortunae pendere: in sententiis omnium civium famam nostram pendere: De te pendens amicus, devoted to you , H.: ex te tota pendebat, Ct.: tyrannus, Cum quo fatum pendebat amici, Iu.—Of the attention, to hang, give close attention, be absorbed, gaze fixedly : (Dido) pendet iterum narrantis ab ore, V., O.To be suspended, be interrupted : pendent opera interrupta, V.To be in suspense, be uncertain, hesitate, be irresolute, be perplexed : animus tibi pendet? T.: nolo suspensam plebem obscurā spe pendere: pendeo animi exspectatione Corfiniensi: sollicitis ac pendentibus animi, L.: pendebat adhuc belli fortuna, was in doubt , O.

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