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(posterus) adj. with comp. posterior, us, and sup. postremus

I.I. Posit. (not used in sing. nom m .), coming after, following, next, ensuing, subsequent, future : cum ibi diem posterum commoraretur: postero die, S.: posterā nocte, N.: postera aetas, H.: posterā Crescam laude, in the esteem of posterity , H.Plur m . as subst, coming generations, descendants, posterity : sic vestri posteri de vobis praedicabunt.—Ellipt.: quam minimum credula postero (sc. tempori), to-morrow , H.: in posterum oppugnationem differt, the next day , Cs.: in posterum (sc. tempus) confirmat, for the future , Cs.: longe in posterum prospicere.— As subst n., a sequence, result : posterum et consequens.—
II.II. Comp, that comes after, next in order, following, latter, later, posterior : ut cum priore (dicto) posterius cohaerere videatur: nec acumine posteriorum (oratorum), nec fulmine utens superiorum: Pars prior apparet, posteriora latent, O.: cogitationes, afterthoughts : quod prius ordine verbum est, Posterius facias, H.: Posterior partīs superat mensura priores, i. e. the bulk of the hinder parts , O.—Fig., inferior, of less account, of lower value, worse : nihil posterius, nihil nequius: non posteriores feram (sc. partīs), I shall not be behindhand , T.: utrum posterior an infelicior esset iudicare: quorum utrique patriae salus posterior suā dominatione fuit.—
III.III. Sup, hindmost, last, aftermost, rear : alia prima ponet, alia postrema: acies, S.: nec postrema cura, not the last , V.Plur n . as subst, the last, rear : in agmine in primis modo, modo in postremis adesse, S.: non in postremis, especially (cf. in primis): Messapus primas acies, postrema coërcent Tyrrhidae iuvenes, V.—Fig., the last, lowest, basest, meanest, worst : genus: servitus postremum malorum omnium.

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