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sedeō sēdī, sessum, ēre

SED-, to sit : cum tot summi oratores sedeant, remain sitting : sedens iis adsensi: ante forīs, O.: ducis sub pede, O.: gradu post me uno, H.: plausor usque sessurus, donec, etc., who will keep his place , H.: Sedilibus in primis eques sedet, H.: in illā tuā sedeculā: in saxo, O.: in conclavi, T.: in temone, Ph.: caelestes sedibus altis sedent, O.: eburneis sellis, L.: carpento, L.: delphine, O.: columbae viridi solo, V. —Of magistrates, esp. of judges, to sit, occupy an official seat, preside, be a judge, hold court, act as juror : (tribuno) in Rostris sedente: si idcirco sedetis, ut, etc.: sedissem forsitan unus De centum index in tua verba viris, O.: iudex sedit simius, Ph.: in tribunali Pompei praetoris urbani, assistTo continue sitting, sit still, continue, remain, tarry, wait, abide, sit idle, be inactive, delay, linger, loiter : isdem consulibus sedentibus lata lex est, etc.: an sedere oportuit Domi, T.: totos dies in villā: sedemus desides domi, L.: tam diu uno loco, N.: Sedit qui timuit, ne non succederet, stayed at home , H.: meliora deos sedet omina poscens, waits , V.: ante sacras fores, Tb.: ad mea busta sedens, Pr.—Prov.: compressis manibus sedere, sit with folded hands , L.—Of troops, to sit down, remain encamped, be entrenched, keep the field : ante moenia, L.: ad Trebiam, L.: sedendo expugnare urbem, L.: sedend<*> bellum gerere, by inactivity , L.: sedendo supera <*>ri eum, qui, etc., L.: qui sedet circum castella sub armis, V.— Fig., to sink, settle, subside, rest, lie : Sederunt medio terra fretumquo solo, O.: nebula campo quam montibus densior sederet, was thicker on the plain , L.: esca, Quae simplex olim tibi sederit, sat well upon your stomach , H.To sit, sit close, hold fast, be firm, be fixed, be settled, be established : tempus fuit, quo navit in undis, Nunc sedet Ortygie, O.: in liquido sederunt ossa cerebro, stuck fast , O.: clava sedit in ore viri, stuck fast , O.: librata cum sederit (glans), L.: plagam sedere Cedendo arcebat, from sinking deeply , O.—In the mind, to be fixed, be impressed, be determined : in ingenio Cressa relicta tuo, O.: Idque pio sedet Aeneae, V.

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