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sinus ūs, m

a bent surface, curve, fold, hollow, coil: draco . . . conficiens sinūs e corpore flexos, C. poët.: (serpens) flectit sinūs, O.: spatium rhombi Implevit sinūs, i. e. stretched the folds (of the net), Iu.: sinūs inplere secundos, i. e. the swelling sails, V.: Ut fieret torto nexilis orbe sinus, i. e. a ringlet, O.—The fold of the toga about the breast, bosom, lap: cedo mihi ex ipsius sinu litteras: In sinu ferens deos, H.: sinūs conlecta fluentīs, V. —Prov.: talos Ferre sinu laxo, i. e. to be careless about, H.—A purse, money: non habet ille sinum, O.: avaritiae, Iu.—A garment: auratus, O.: regalis, O.—Of a person, the bosom: colubram Sinu fovit, Ph.: in sinu consulis recubans, L.: Usque metu micuere sinūs, dum, etc., O.—A bay, bight, gulf: ex alto sinus ab litore ad urbem inflectitur: sinūs maritimi: Illyricos penetrare sinūs, V.— The land around a gulf, shore of a bay: in Maliaco sinu is locus erat, L.: omnis propior sinus tenebatur, Ta.—A fold in land, basin, hollow, valley: terra in ingentem sinum consedit, L.: montium, Cu.—Fig., the bosom, love, affection, intimacy, protection: hicine non gestandus in sinu est? T.: iste vero sit in sinu semper meo: (Pompeius) in sinu est, i. e. dear to me: Bibulum noli dimittere e sinu tuo, from your intimacy: negotium sibi in sinum delatum esse, committed to his care. —The interior, inmost part, heart: in sinu urbis sunt hostes, S.—A hiding-place, place of concealment: in sinu gaudere, i. e. in their sleeves.

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