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tendō (old also tennō tetendī, tentus, or (late) tēnsus, ere

2 TA-, to stretch, make tense, stretch out, spread out, distend, extend : plagas: quia non rete accipitri tennitur, T.: retia cervis, O.: arcum, keep bent , H.: tendere doctior arcūs, O.: vela, swell , V.: cubilia, spread , H.: tenta ubera, distended , H.—Of tents, to spread out, pitch, erect : praetorium, Cs.To stretch out, present, offer, reach, extend : manūs ad templa: bracchia caelo, O.: ad legatos supplices manūs, Cs.: vobis manūs: supinas manūs, L.: dexteram Italiae, reaches : civibus lucem ingeni sui, to tender : patri Iulum, hold out , V.To aim, direct, shoot, drive : Quo tendant ferrum, V.: sagittas Arcu, H.: spicula cornu, V.To string, tune : barbiton, H.—Fig., to lay, contrive, devise : insidiae tenduntur alicui, are laid.— To press, strain : ultra Legem tendere opus, i. e. press to extravagance , H.: Aestivam sermone benigno noctem, protract , H.—Of a way or course, to direct, pursue, turn, wend : iter ad naves, V.: unde et quo cursum, L.To direct oneself, hold a course, aim, strive, go, move, march, drive, tend, bend : Venusiam: cursuque amens ad limina tendit, V.: ad castra, L.: unde venis? et Quo tendis? H.To extend, stretch, reach : (via), quae sub moenia tendit, V.To set up tents, be under tents, be encamped, encamp : sub vallo, Cs.: legio latis tendebat in arvis, V.: in angusto, L.: laxius, Cu.— Fig., to aim, strive, be directed, be inclined, tend : ad reliqua alacri animo: ad altiora, L.: ad eloquium, O.: cum alii alio tenderent, L.: Non dices, quorsum haec tendant, tend , H.To be persistent, make exertion, exert oneself, strive, endeavor, contend, struggle : miles tendere inde ad iurgium, persists , T.: vasto certamine tendunt, V.: videt Catilinam magnā vi tendere, S.: patres, adversus quos tenderet, L.: senatu minus in praeturā tendente, making less opposition in the case of the praetorship , L.: quid tendit? cum efficere non possit, ut, etc., what does he strive for? : nihil illi tendere contra, V.: manibus tendit divellere nodos, V.: Ire foras tendebat frustra, H.: captae civitati leges imponere, L.: aqua tendit rumpere plumbum, H.

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