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tollō sustulī, sublātus, ere

TAL-, to lift, take up, raise, elevate, exalt : in caelum vos umeris nostris: optavit, ut in currum patris tolleretur: sublatus est: quos in crucem sustulit: in sublime testudinem, Ph.: in arduos Tollor Sabinos, H.: terrā, O.: ignis e speculā sublatus.—Of children (the father acknowledged a new-born child by taking it up), to take up, accept, acknowledge, bring up, rear, educate : puerum, Enn. ap. C.: puellam, T.: qui ex Fadiā sustulerit liberos, i. e. was the father of .—In navigation, with ancoras, to lift the anchor, weigh anchor, set sail : sublatis ancoris, Cs., L.—In the army, with signa, to take up the march, break up camp, march : signa sustulit seseque Hispalim recepit, Cs.To build, raise, erect : tollam altius tectum.— To take on board, take up, carry : naves, quae equites sustulerant, had on board , Cs.: Tollite me, Teucri, V.: sublatus in lembum, L.: me raedā, H.: Talem te Bacchus . . . Sustulit in currūs, O.—Fig., to raise, lift, lift up, elevate, set up, start : ignis e speculā sublatus: Clamores ad sidera, V.: risum, H.: oculos, i. e. look up.—To lift, cheer, encourage : Sublati animi sunt, your spirits are raised , T.: sustulere illi animos, have taken courage , L.: amieum, console , H.To exalt, extol : aliquid tollere altius dicendo: ad caelum te tollimus laudibus: Daphnim tuum ad astra, V.To assume, bear, endure : alquid oneris: poenas.— To take up, take away, remove, carry off, make way with : frumentum de areā: nos ex hac hominum frequentiā: pecunias ex fano, Cs.: iubet sublata reponi Pocula, V.: tecum me tolle per undas, V.: Me quoque tolle simul. O.To take off, carry off, make away with, kill, destroy, ruin : hominem de medio: Thrasone sublato e medio, L.: Titanas Fulmine (Iuppiter), H.: tollet anum vitiato melle cicuta, H.: Karthaginem funditus, lay waste.—To do away with, remove, abolish, annul, abrogate, cancel : rei memoriam: sublatā benevolentiā: ut id nomen ex omnibus libris tollatur: demonstro vitia; tollite! away with them! : sublato Areopago: deos, to deny the existence of : diem, to consume in speechmaking : querelas, H.

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