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unde adv.

for * cunde; 2 CA-.
I.I. Of place. — Relat., from which place, whence : nec enim inde venit, unde mallem: ut eo restituerentur (Galli), unde deiecti essent: eodem, unde erant profectae (naves), Cs.: loca superiora, unde erat propinquus despectus in mare, Cs.: arbor, unde auri aura refulsit, V.: e maioribus castris, unde antea cessatum fuerat, circumductae copiae, i. e. from the place at which , etc., L.Interrog, whence? from what place? : unde deiectus est Cinna? ex urbe . . . unde deiecti Galli? a Capitolio: Unde is? T.: Qui genus? unde domo? from what country? V.: ego instare, ut mihi responderet, quis esset, ubi esset, unde esset: quaere unde domo (sit), i. e. where he lives , H.: unde initium belli fieret, explorabant, Cs.
II.II. Of source or cause.— Relat., from the point at which, from whom, from which : e praedonibus, Unde emerat, T.: qui eum necasset, unde ipse natus esset, whose son : hem, mea lux, unde omnes opem petere solebant: hi, unde ne hostium quidem legati arcentur, pulsi, L.: Est unde haec fiant, i. e. I have the means to do this , T.: quod, unde agger omnino comportari posset, nihil erat reliquum, Cs.: unde ius stabat, ei victoriam dedit, to the side which was in the right , L.— Esp., in law, in the phrase, unde petitur, he of whom demand is made, the defendant : causam dicere Prius unde petitur (opp. qui petit), T.: ego omnibus, unde petitur, hoc consili dederim.—Interrog, whence? how? from what source? : unde iste amor tam improvisus: Unde sed hos novi? O.: ut ex ipsā quaeras, unde hunc (anulum) habuerit, T.: quaerere, unde se ac suos tueri possit, by what means , L.: Unde sit infamis . . . Discite, O.Indef., in the phrase, unde unde, whencesoever, from one source or another : Qui nisi . . . Mercedem aut nummos unde unde extricat, etc., H.

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