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(vicis) only gen. vicis, acc. vicem, abl. vice, plur nom. vicēs, acc. vicīs or vicēs, dat. and abl. vicibus, f

3 VIC-, change, interchange, alternation, succession, vicissitude: Hac vice sermonum, conversation, V.: vice sermonis, O.: Solvitur hiems gratā vice veris et Favoni, H.: commoti Patres vice fortunarum humanarum, L.: Dum Nox vicem peragit, i. e. alternates with day, O.: Plerumque gratae divitibus vices, H.: haec quas vices peragant docebo, what vicissitudes, O.: Mutat terra vices, renews her changes, H.: Per vicīs, alternately, O.: agri in vices occupantur, Ta.: vicibus factis inire convivia, by turns, O.Acc adverb.: suam cuiusque vicem, in each one's turn, L.: cum suam vicem functus officio sit, in his turn, L.A return, requital, equivalent, recompense, remuneration, retaliation: Redde vicem meritis, O.: arces Deiecit plus vice simplici, H.A lot, fate, hap, condition, fortune, misfortune: et meam et aliorum vicem pertimescere: indignando vicem eius, L.: Convertere humanam vicem, H.: vices superbae, H.A position, place, room, stead, post, office, duty, part: ad vicem eius, qui e vitā emigrarit, accedere: succedens in vicem imperii tui, L.: fungar vice cotis, H.: sacra regiae vicis, i. e. of the royal office, L.: missis in vicem eorum quinque milibus sociorum, L.Acc., with a gen. or pers. pron., in the place of, instead of, on account of, for, for the sake of: tuam vicem sacpe doleo: remittimus hoc tibi, ne nostram vicem irascaris, L.: rex, vicem eorum quos miserat, etc., Cu.: Sardanapali vicem in suo lectulo mori, i. e. like.—Abl., instead of, for, on account of: exanimes vice unius, L.

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