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Ἀμφίων). The son of Zeus and Antiopé, and twin-brother of Zethus. They were born on Mt. Cithaeron, and grew up among the shepherds. Having become acquainted with their origin, they marched against Thebes, where Lycus reigned, the husband of their mother, Antiopé, who had married Dircé in her stead. They took the city, and killed Lycus and Dircé because they had treated Antiopé with great cruelty. They put Dircé to death by tying her to a bull, who dragged her about till she perished; and finally threw her body into a fountain, which was from this time called the fountain of Dircé. After they had obtained possession of Thebes, they fortified it by a wall. Amphion had received a lyre from Hermes, on which he played with such magic skill that the stones moved of their own accord and formed the wall. Amphion afterwards married Niobé, who bore him many sons and daughters, all of whom were killed by Apollo and Artemis, whereupon he put an end to his own life. See Niobé.

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