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An important town in Illyria, not far from the mouth of the Aoüs, and sixty stadia from the sea. It was founded by the Corinthians and Corcyraeans, and was equally celebrated as a place of commerce and of learning. Many distinguished Romans, among others the young Octavius, afterwards the emperor Augustus, pursued their studies here. Persons travelling from Italy to Greece and the East usually landed either at Apollonia or Dyrrhacium.


A town in Macedonia, on the Via Egnatia, between Thessalonica and Amphipolis, and south of the lake of Bolbé.


A town in Thrace, on the Black Sea, a colony of Miletus, which had a celebrated temple of Apollo, from which Lucullus carried away a colossus of this god, and erected it on the Capitol at Rome.


A castle or fortified town of the Locri Ozolae, near Naupactus.


A town on the northern coast of Sicily.


A town in Bithynia, on the lake Apolloniatis, through which the river Rhyndacus flows.


A town in Cyrenaica, and the harbour of Cyrené, one of the five towns of the Pentapolis, in Libya; it was the birthplace of Eratosthenes (q.v.).

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