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μύωψ, ἐγκεντρίς). A spur, an implement not mentioned in Homer, who speaks only of the use of a goad (κέντρον). In Greek, it is in fact often doubtful whether the writer is referring to the spur or the goad. In works of art spurs are seldom represented, but bronze spurs have been found at Dodona.

The early adoption of this contrivance by the

Calcaria, Bronze Spurs. (British Museum.)

Romans appears from the mention of it in Plautus and Lucretius. It is afterwards often alluded to by Cicero, Ovid, Vergil, and subsequent Roman authors. On the other hand, we do not find that the Greeks used spurs, and this may account for the fact that they are seldom, if ever, seen on antique statues.

The spurs of a cock are also called calcaria.

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