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Ἑρμίας or Ἑρμείας).


A Mysian eunuch, tyrant of Assos, and the friend and patron of Aristotle, who married his adopted daughter Pythias. In B.C. 344 Hermias was seized by Mentor, the Greek general of the king of Persia, and by him sent to the Persian court, where he was put to death. (See Diog. Laert. v. 3; Diod.xvi. 52.


A Christian writer towards the close of the second century, a native of Galatia, who has left a short discourse in ridicule of the pagan philosophers, entitled Διασυρμὸς τῶν ἔξω Φιλοσόφων. It appears to be an imitation of a discourse of Tatian's, but it is an imitation by a man of ability. He ridicules the want of harmony that prevails among the systems of the Greek philosophers, which is the cause of all their speculations being crowned with no positive result.

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