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Λύκειον). A sacred enclosure at Athens, dedicated to Apollo, where the polemarch originally held his court. It was decorated with fountains, plantations, and buildings, by Pisistratus, Pericles, and Lycurgus, and became the usual place of exercise for the Athenian youths who devoted themselves to military pursuits (Pausan. i. 19). Nor was it less frequented by philosophers, and those addicted to retirement and study. We know that it was more especially the favourite walk of Aristotle and his followers, who thence obtained the name of Peripatetics (Acad. i. 4). Here was the fountain of the hero Panops, and a plane-tree of great size and beauty, mentioned by Theophrastus (Hist. Pl. i. 11). The position commonly assigned to the Lyceum is on the right bank of the Ilissus. See Gymnasium.

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