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or Perpenna.


Marcus, a Roman consul in B.C. 130, who defeated Aristonicus in Asia, and took him prisoner. He died at Pergamum in the following year (Livy , Epist. 59; Vell. Paterc. ii. 4).


Marcus, son of the preceding, consul in B.C. 92 and censor in 86. He lived to the age of ninety-eight years (Pliny , Pliny H. N. vii. 156).


M. Perperna Vento, son of the preceding. He was a follower of Marius in the Civil War, and fled to Sicily when Sulla conquered Italy in B.C. 82. On the death of Sulla , in 78, Perperna joined the consul M. Lepidus in his attempt to overthrow the new aristocratical constitution, and retired with him to Sardinia on the failure of this attempt. Lepidus died in Sardinia in the following year (B.C. 77), and Perperna with the remains of his army crossed over to Spain and joined Sertorius (q.v.). Perperna was jealous of the ascendency of Sertorius, and after serving under him some years he and his friends assassinated Sertorius at a banquet in B.C. 72. His death soon brought the war to a close. Perperna was defeated by Pompey, was taken prisoner, and was put to death (B. C. i. 107-115; Plut. Pomp. 10Plut. Pomp., 20).

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