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πάρεδροι). “Assessors”; officers at Athens attached to the three chief archons, the enthyni and the Hellenotamiae. Each of the three archons had the right to two assessors, whom he chose himself as advisers and general assistants; and they were usually his personal friends. Before entering upon their duties, the paredri had to pass an examination (δοκιμασία) in the Senate and also before a commission of judges. Besides acting as advisers of the archons, etc., the paredri had authority to keep order in the theatres and at the public festivals, and could punish the disorderly with fines (Demosth. C. Mid. p. 572.179). Paredri might be dismissed by their principals for cause. See Gilbert, Greek Constit. Antiq., Eng. trans. pp. 225, 228, 252, 254, 255; and Euthyna; Hellenotamiae.

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