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Rhipaei Montes

τὰ Ῥιπαῖα ὄρη). The name of a lofty range of mountains in the northern part of the earth, respecting which there are diverse statements in the ancient writers. The name seems to have been given by the Greek poets quite indefinitely to all the mountains in the northern parts of Europe and Asia. Thus the Rhipaei Montes are sometimes called the Hyperborei Montes. (See Hyperborei.) The later geographical writers place the Rhipaean Mountains northeast of Mount Alaunus on the frontiers of Asiatic Sarmatia, and state that the Tanaïs rises in these mountains. According to this account the Rhipaean Mountains may be regarded as a western branch of the Ural Mountains (Mela, i. 19, 18; Pliny , Pliny H. N. iv. 78).

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