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Σαβακῶν, Shabaka). A king of Aethiopia, who invaded Egypt in the reign of the blind king Anysis, whom he dethroned and drove into the marshes. The Aethiopian conqueror then reigned over Egypt for fifty years, but at length quitted the country in consequence of a dream, whereupon Anysis regained his kingdom. This is the account which Herodotus received from the priests (ii. 137- 140); but it appears from Manetho that there were three Aethiopian kings who reigned over Egypt, named Sabacon, Sebichus, and Taracus, whose collective reigns amount to forty or fifty years (B.C. 700-666), and who form the twenty-fifth dynasty of that writer. The account of Manetho is to be preferred to that of Herodotus.

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