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Σαμοθρᾴκη), Samothrāca, and Samothracia (Σαμοθρᾳκία). A small island in the north of the Aegaean Sea, opposite the mouth of the Hebrus in Thrace. It was the chief seat of the mysterious worship of the Cabiri. (See Cabeiria.) The political history of Samothrace is of little importance. The Samothracians fought on the side of Xerxes at the battle of Salamis; and at this time they possessed on the Thracian mainland a few places, such as Salé, Serrhion, Mesambria, and Tempyra. In the time of the Macedonian kings, Samothracé appears to have been regarded as a kind of asylum, and Perseus accordingly fled thither after his defeat by the Romans at the battle of Pydna.

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