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Vandăli, Vandalii

or Vindalii. A confederacy of German peoples, who dwelt originally on the northern coast of Germany, but were afterwards settled north of the Marcomanni in the Riesengebirge, which are hence called Vandalici Montes. They subsequently appear for a short time in Dacia and Pannonia; but at the beginning of the fifth century (A.D. 409) they traversed Germany and Gaul, and invaded Spain. In that country they subjugated the Alani, and founded a powerful kingdom, the name of which is still preserved in Andalusia (Vandalusia). In A.D. 429 they crossed over into Africa, under their king Genseric (q.v.) and conquered all the Roman dominions in that country. Genseric subsequently invaded Italy, and took and plundered Rome in 455. The Vandals continued masters of Africa till 535, when their kingdom was destroyed by Belisarius, and annexed to the Byzantine Empire. See Papencordt, Geschichte der vandalischen Herrschaft (Berlin, 1837); Hodgkin, Italy and her Invaders, vols. ii. and iii.; and on their language, Wrede, Ueber die Sprache der Wandalen (Strassburg, 1886).

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