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One of the Oceanides, wife of Atlas, and mother of Dardanus by Zeus (Ovid, Fast. iv. 31).


A daughter of Atlas and Pleioné, and one of the Pleiades. (See Pleiades.)


One of the daughters of Agamemnon (q.v.). Upon the murder of her father, after his return from


Troy, Electra rescued her brother Orestes, then quite young, from the fury of Aegisthus, by despatching him to the court of her uncle Strophius, king of Phocis. There Orestes formed the well-known attachment for his cousin Pylades, which, in the end, led to the marriage of Electra with that prince. According to one account, Electra had previously been compelled, by Aegisthus, to become the wife of a Mycenean rustic, who, having regarded her merely as a sacred trust confided to him by the gods, restored her to Orestes on the return of that prince to Mycenae and on his accession to the throne of his ancestors. Electra became, by Pylades, the mother of two sons, Strophius and Medon. Her story has formed the basis of three extant plays, the Choëphori of Aeschylus, and the Electra of Sophocles and Euripides. See Orestes.

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