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The friend of Scipio Africanus the elder. He fought under the latter in almost all his campaigns. He was consul B.C. 190.


Surnamed Sapiens, son of the preceding. His intimacy with Scipio Africanus the younger was as remarkable as his father's friendship with the elder, and it obtained an imperishable monument in Cicero's treatise, Laelius sive de Amicitia. He was born about 186; was tribune of the plebs in 151, praetor in 145, and consul in 140. He was celebrated for his love of literature and philosophy, and cultivated the society and friendship of the philosopher Panaetius, of the historian Polybius, and of the poets Terence and Lucilius. Laelius is the principal interlocutor in Cicero's dialogue De Amicitia, and is one of the speakers in the De Senectute and in the De Republica. His two daughters were married—the one to Q. Mucius Scaevola, the augur, the other to C. Fannius Strabo.

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