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A native of Caryanda, in Caria, who was sent by Darius Hystaspis on a voyage of discovery down the Indus. Setting out from the city of Caspatyrus and the Pactyican district, Scylax reached the sea, and then sailed west through the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, performing the whole voyage in thirty months (Herod.iv. 44). There is still extant a Periplus bearing the name of Scylax, but which could not have been written by the subject either of this or of the following article. The work is edited by C. Müller in the Geographi Graeci Minores (1861); and by Fabricius (1878). See Antichan, Les Grands Voyages de Découvertes des Anciens (Paris, 1890).


Of Halicarnassus, a friend of Panaetius, distinguished for his knowledge of the stars, and for his political influence in his own State ( Div. ii. 42).

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