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The name of a family of the gens Papiria.


C. Papirius Carbo , a distinguished orator, and a man of great talents but no principle. He was one of the three commissioners or triumvirs for carrying into effect the agrarian law of Gracchus. His tribuneship of the plebs, B.C. 131, was characterized by the most vehement opposition to the aristocracy; but after the death of C. Gracchus (121 B.C.), he suddenly deserted the popular party, and in his consulship (120 B.C.) undertook the defence of Opimius, who had murdered C. Gracchus. In 119, Carbo was accused by L. Licinius Crassus; and, as he foresaw his condemnation, he put an end to his own life.


Cn. Papirius Carbo , one of the leaders of the Marian party. He was thrice consul—namely, in B.C. 85, 84, and 82. In 82, he carried on war against Sulla ; but was at length obliged to fly to Sicily, where he was put to death by Pompey at Lilybaeum.

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