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A tyrant of Sicyon, who in B.C. 595 aided the Amphictyons in the Sacred War against Cirra, which ended in the destruction of that city. He was a resolute enemy of the Dorians, and in that spirit waged war on Argos. (See Herod. v. 67; vi. 125; Thuc.i. 18).


An Athenian, the son of Megacles and Agarista. He was the head of the Alcmaeonid family, and was opposed by Isagoras and the nobles; but by the support of the people reformed the constitution of the State upon a democratic basis. His changes were
  • 1. the establishment of ten instead of four tribes, and the division into demes (see Demus);
  • 2. the introduction of ostracism (see Ostracismus);
  • 3. the revival of election by lot;
  • 4. the weakening of the power of the Heliastic court (see Dicastes).
In spite of the interference of the Spartans under Cleomenes, these changes were finally established (B.C. 508). Of the later years of the life of Clisthenes, nothing definite is known. (Herod.v. 63-73; and vi. 131; Arist. Ἀθ. Πολ. 20, 21, 41.)

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