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A Roman silver coin, so called because it originally contained 10 asses. In later times it=16 asses=4 sestertii=1/25 of an aureus. Its original weight was 4.55 gr. (=between $0.18 and $0.20); from B.C. 217 to Nero, 3.90 (about $0.14); after Nero's time 3.41 gr., the amount of pure silver being so reduced that it was worth only about $0.12. Its value subsequently sank more and

Denarii, actual size. (British Museum.)

more, until at the beginning of the third century A.D. it was worth only $0.06. When at the end of the third century Diocletian introduced a new silver coin of full value according to the Neronian standard (the so-called argenteus), the name denarius was transferred to a small copper coin. See Numismatics.

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