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Priscus, Helvidius

The son-in-law of Thrasea Paetus, and, like him, distinguished by his love of virtue, philosophy, and liberty. He was quaestor in Achaia during the reign of Nero, and tribune of the plebs A.D. 56. When Thrasea was put to death by Nero (A.D. 66), Priscus was banished from Italy. He was recalled to Rome by Galba (A.D. 68); but in consequence of his freedom of speech and love of independence, he was again banished by Vespasian, and was shortly afterwards put to death by order of this emperor. His life was written by Herennius Senecio at the request of his widow Fannia; and the emperor Domitian, in consequence of this work, subsequently put Senecio to death, and sent Fannia into exile (Pliny , Epist. vii. 19, 5; Dio Cass. lxvii. 13). Priscus left a son, Helvidius, who was put to death by Domitian.

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