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Φρίξος). A son of Athamas and Nephelé and brother of Hellé. In consequence of the intrigues of his stepmother, Ino, he was to be sacrificed to Zeus; but Nephelé rescued her two children, who rode away through the air upon the ram with the golden fleece, the gift of Hermes. Between Sigeum and the Chersonesus, Hellé fell into the sea which was called after her the Hellespont; but Phrixus arrived in safety in Colchis, the kingdom of Aeëtes, who gave him his daughter Chalciopé in marriage. Phrixus sacrificed the ram, which had carried him, to Zeus Phyxius or Laphystius, and gave its fleece to Aeëtes, who fastened it to an oak-tree in the grove of Ares. This fleece was afterwards carried away by Iason and the Argonauts. (See Argonautae; Iason.) By Chalciopé Phrixus became the father of Argus, Melas, Phrontis, Cytisorus, and Presbon. Phrixus either died of old age in the kingdom of Aeëtes, or was killed by Aeëtes in consequence of an oracle, or returned to Orchomenus, in the country of the Minyans.

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