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CAP´ULUS (κώπη, λαβή).

1. The hilt of a sword, which was frequently much ornamented. (Verg. A. 2.553; Ov. Met. 7.442, &c.) [GLADIUS] The handles of knives were also elaborately carved; and of the beautiful work-manship sometimes bestowed on them, a judgment may be formed from the three specimens

Capuli, ancient knife-handles.

here introduced. (Montfaucon, Ant. Expliquée, iii.. 122, pl. 61.)

2. The handle of a plough (Ov. Pont. 1.8, 57), of which the usual name was stiva. [ARATRUM p. 160 a.]

3. A bier or coffin. [FUNUS]


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