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EISITE´RIA (εἰσιτήρια), sc. ἱερά, sacrifices offered upon entrance into office; according to Suidas (s. v.) upon the first day of the new year, which accordingly was kept as a holiday. Besides the higher magistrates, the senate offered εἰσιτήρια through one of its members chosen for the purpose (Dem. c. Mid. p. 552.114): the scholiast Ulpian on this passage appears to have [p. 1.711]confounded the more solemn sacrifice on entering office with the daily prayer and sacrifice at the beginning of each sitting [BOULÉ, p. 313 a]. When an embassy set out, at least on the most important occasions, the senate and principal magistrates offered εἰσιτήρια for its success, and dined together (Dem. F. L. p. 400.190 = 210). The latter passage, which has been quoted in favour of the identity of the εἰσιτήρια and the daily prayers, is in reality decisive against it : it is quite certain that the senate did not dine every day at a common table, though the prytanes did. This argument appears to us conclusive in favour of Schömann's view. The ἐξιτήρια on going out of office (Hesych.) are less well attested. (Schömann, Assemblies, p. 306; Antiq. 1.379, 409, E. T.)


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