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ELLO´TIA or HELLOTIA (ἐλλώτια or ἑλλώτια), a festival with a torch race celebrated at Corinth in honour of Athena as a goddess of fire. (Schol. Pind. Ol. 13.56; Athen. 15.678 a, b; Etym. M. s. v. Ἑλλωτίς.

A festival of the same name was celebrated in Crete, in honour of Europa. The word ἑλλωτίς, from which the festival derived its name, was, according to Seleucus (ap. Athen. l.c.), a myrtle garland twenty cubits in circumference, which was carried about in the procession at the festival of the Ellotia. (Compare Hesych. and Etym. M. s. v. Ἑλλώτια.


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