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IATRALIPTA or IATRALIPTES (Ἰατραλειπτής), a sort of specialist physician, who in the treatment of disease almost confined himself to the use of friction and anointing (ἰατραλειπτική, Plin. Nat. 29.2). According to Pliny (l.c.) the first person who brought this mode of practice especially into notice was Prodicus (or Herodicus) in the fifth century B.C. The iatralipta was a superior person to the mere alipta [see the word]; Harpocras, who is called by this title by the younger Pliny (Plin. Ep. 10.45), obtained from the Emperor Trajan the freedom of the cities of Rome and Alexandria. The word occurs in some editions of Celsus (de Medic. 1.1), but the better reading is alipta. It is found also in Galen (de Compos. Medicam. sec. Locos, 7.5, ton. xiii. p. 104) and Paulus Aegineta (de Re Med. 3.47).


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