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IATROSOPHISTA (ἰατροσοφιστής), a medical title under the Roman Empire signifying, [p. 1.991]according to Du Cange (Glossar. Med. et Inf. Graecit.), one who both taught medicine and also practised it, though it would seem more natural, from the etymology of the word, to consider it to mean a professor of medicine. The name is somewhat varied in form by different authors. Socrates (Hist. Eccles. 7.13) calls Adamantius ἰατρικῶν λόγων σοφιστής. Stephanus Byzantinus (s. v. Γέα) mentions τῶν ἰατρῶν σοφιστής: Callisthenes (quoted in Du Cange), ἰατρὸς σοφιστής: and Theophanes (ibid.) σοφιστὴς τῆς ἰατρικῆς ἐπιστήμης. Several ancient physicians are called by this title, e. g. Magnus (Theophilus, Du Urinis, Praef.), Cassius, the author of Quaestiones Medicae et Naturales, and others.


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