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INO´A (Ἰνῶα), festivals celebrated in several parts of Greece, in honour of the ancient heroine Ino. At Megara she was honoured with an annual saerifice, because the Megarians believed that her body had been cast by the waves upon their coast, and that it had been found and buried there by Kleso and Tauropolis (Paus. 1.42.8). Another festival of Ino was celebrated at Epidaurus Limera, in Laconia. In the neighbourhood of this town there was a small but very deep lake, called the water of Ino, and at the festival of the heroine the people threw barley-cakes into the water. When the cakes sank it was considered a propitious sign, but when they swam on the surface it was an evil sign. (Paus. 3.23.5.) An annual festival, with contests and sacrifices, in honour of Ino, was also held on the Corinthian Isthmus, and was said to have been instituted by king Sisyphus. (Tzetzes ad Lycophr. 107.)


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