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PYRGUS (πύργος), a tower. 1. The towers used in fortification and in war are spoken of under TURRIS and HELEPOLIS 2. In Homer πύργος, πυργηδὸν are used of an army in close column (Il. 4.434; 13.152; 15.618). 3. A dice-box, so called from its resemblance to a tower [FRITILLUS]. 4. The territory of the town of Teos was distributed among a certain number of towers (πύργοι), to each of which corresponded a symmory or section of the citizens, compared to the Attic demes (see Boeckh, Corp. Inscr. No. 3064; and the elucidations of Grote, Hist. of Greece, vol. iii. pp. 247, 248). Scheffer, however (de rebus Teiorum, p. 35 ff.), takes them to be regions or quarters of the town of Teos, and Gilbert is disposed to agree with him (Staatsalt. 2.38).

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