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STATIO´NES FISCI The Fiscus (q. v.) was divided into various departments, called stationes, according to the different revenues or business belonging to it (Cod. 4, 31, 1; 8, 43, 2; 10, 5, 1). Thus we hear of a statio hereditatium (Wilmanns, Exempla Inscriptionum Latinarum, 1272); a statio xx. hereditatium (Wilmanns, 1272, 1389); a statio quadragesima Galliarum (Wilmanns, 1397,1398; see QUADRAGESIMA); a statio ferrariarum (Wilmanns, 1408); a statio urbana (Wilmanns, 2810); a statio marmorum (Wilmanns, 1377); a statio annonae (Orelli, Inscr. 4107=4420). We meet also with a statio privatarum (Wilmanns, 1277), and a statio patrimonii Augusti (Wilmanns, 1353, 2811). Officials connected with a statio are mentioned in the above inscriptions under the names of procurator, praepositus, contrascriptor, princeps tabularius, optio tabellariorum, pedisequus.


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