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TABULA´RII were notaries or accountants, who are first mentioned under this name in the time of the Empire (Sen. Ep. 88;--Dig. 11, 6, 7; 50, 13, 1.6). Public notaries, who had the charge of public documents, were also called tabularii (Dig. 43, 5, 3), and these seem to have differed from the tabelliones in the circumstance that the latter had nothing to do with the custody of the public registers. Public tabularii were first established by M. Antoninus in the provinces, who ordained that the births of all children were to be announced to the tabularii within thirty days from the birth (Capitol. M. Anton. 9). Respecting the other duties of the public tabularii, see Cod. Theod. 8, 2, and Gothofr. ad loc. For the tabularii of the army, see EXERCITUS Vol. I. p. 803 a.


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