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NOMENCLA´TOR For the ordinary nomenclator, see AMBITUS Vol. 1. p. 100 a. There was also a nomenclator censorius to attend upon the censor (who had no lictors): he was a freedman of the censor and held the same place as the accensus of other magistrates [ACCENSUS]. The use of a nomenclator in the duties of the censorial office, especially in the equitum census or recognitio, is obvious. [See CENSUS; EQUITES.] Inscriptions mentioning the nomenclator censorius may be found in Mommsen's Staatsrecht, i. p. 359. As the censorial power passed to the emperor, it is natural that we find these attendants reappearing as: nomenclatores a censibus attached to the imperial bureau which received petitions for admission to the Equites (C. I. L. 14.3553). [See also MAGISTER A CENSIBUS]


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