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CRUME´NA (βαλλάντιον or βαλάντιον), a purse. It was a leathern bag. slung round the neck (Plaut. Asin. 3.3, 67; Truc. 3.1, 7); and usually hung down behind, which exposed it to the attacks of the “cut-purse” (βαλλαντιοτόμος, sector zonarius, Plaut. Trin. 4.2, 20). Hence we find a master walking behind the slave who carries his purse, that he may keep an eye upon it (Id. Pseud. 1.2, 37). Crumenae were of different shapes. A bronze lamp engraved in Rich and in D. and S. shows a flat bag not unlike a postman's, closed with a flap: we also find mention of συσπαστὰ βαλλάντια, round pouches with strings to draw (Plat. Symp. 190 E; Ath. xi. p. 783 f; cf. ARYBALLOS).


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