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PRAEPO´SITUS which means a person placed over, was given as a title in the later times of the Roman Empire to many officers: of these the most important was the Praepositus Sacri Cubiculi, originally a freedman (cf. Suet. Doom. 16), but afterwards of high rank as chief chamberlain in the emperor's palace (Cod. 12, tit. 5; Cod. Theod. 6, tit. 8). Under him was the Primicerius, together with the Cubicularii and the corps of Silentiarii, commanded by three decuriones, who preserved silence in the interior of the palace. (Cod. 12, tit. 16; Friedländer, S. G. 1.54; Walter, Gesch. des röm. Rechts, § 340, 2nd ed.)


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