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A´PHYTIS (Ἄφυτις, also Ἀφύτη, Ἄφυτος: Eth. Ἀφυταῖος, more early Ἀφυτιεύς, Ἀφυτεύς, Ἀφυτήσιος: A´thyto, Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. p. 156), a town on the eastern side of the peninsula Pallene, in Macedonia, a little below Potidaea. (Hdt. 7.123: Thuc. 1.64; Strab. vii. p.330.) Xenophon (Xenoph. Hell. 5.3.19) says that it possessed a temple of Dionysius, to which the Spartan king Agesipolis desired to be removed before his death; but it was more celebrated for its temple of Ammon, whose head appears on its coins. (Plut. Lys. 20; Paus. 3.18.3; Steph. B. sub voce

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